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How he thinks it will happen:

  1. Kidnap CC and retake his heart - achieving two objectives in one move, since his heart is under Caesar's possession anyway
  2. Destroy the SAD container at PH
  3. Exit PH to Dressrosa, coerce Doflamingo to quit Shichibukai
  • Expect some sort of resistance from Monet along the way

Sounds pretty easy and straightforward, isn't it? However...

How it should have happened (StrawHats did not arrive at PH):

1) Encounters Vergo (who possesses his heart) and face off at SAD container room to destroy the container and retrieve his heart

  • Monet likely join Vergo fighting against Law, hence 2 vs 1

2) Kidnap Caesar all by himself

3) Encounters Buffalo and Baby 5 if he does win against Vergo (and Monet) and battle 2-on-1 for Caesar's sake

4) Exits PH to Dressrosa via SAD container, delivers untimatum to Doflamingo as planned

5) His actions will NOT get publicized on the newspaper as well as got known to Marines

  • He will not encounter Smoker and G5 marines
  • No alliance forged with the Straw Hat Pirates

How it really happened:

... go read Punk Hazard arc yourself.

Author's comments:

  • There are few areas in his plan which may be difficult for him to handle (or fail) if not for the assistance of the StrawHats or Smoker.
  • Law could not have foreseen Vergo's arrival, therefore the fight between Law and Vergo, with Law's heart under Vergo's possession, Law will likely lose. And if he lose, then he will not be able to destroy the SAD container at PH
  • Law trying to kidnap Caesar (assuming he got back his heart from winning Vergo) may be an interesting fight, one can manipulate surrounding gas within his vicinity while the other can manipulate everything inside the sphere of his influence (Room)
  • I wonder if Law will be able to handle Buffalo and Baby 5 on his own...

Agree or disagree?

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