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Just to have a little fun as we wait for the latest chapter for the week... Credit goes to MDM, I got this from his blog

If you have read or participated on his blog back then, you should have know how to play this.

Basic idea is to put yourself in one of the OP character's shoe and tell how you will do something differently.

As example (I quote from the original creator):

1) If I were in Mr.3 shoes when he was on the execution platform with ace and Sengoku, I would have acted sooner and made a wax key to release Ace

2) If I were in Kuma's shoes when he was sending all SH flying to different islands, I would have send Luffy to K'ama Island and Sanji to Amazon Lily for change

p.s. To those who have participated in the past, you are welcome to join in on the jokes this time around.

Cheers and have fun!