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Impel Down - Luffy and nakama vs Blackbeard Pirates

AYET August 7, 2013 User blog:AYET

Taking a mind-break from the tourney... Need to breath some fresh air. With Ace taken away to Marineford, as Luffy escapes Impel Down, he briefly engage Blackbeard himself with others from both sides looking on. If not for Jinbe's voice of rational, Luffy may not be able to reach Marineford in time at all.

Let's rewind back to that scene. How do you think it would end had Luffy, with his escapee nakamas, fought headon with the BB pirates there and then?

As of this moment, we are still in a guessing game as to REAL strength and abilities of the BB pirates, let alone during that time when they had yet acquire those Level 6 nakamas. So at that corner we have 5 individuals (or 6 if you include the Stronger the weaker horse), Blackbeard himself, Van Augur, Lafitte, Burgess and Doc Q.

At the other corner, we have the grandchild of the Marine Hero, the son of the most wanted man in the world, the sworn bro of the late pirate king's son and the possible future pirate king Monkey D Luffy, ex-Shichibukais the Knight of the Sea Jinbe and war hero of Arabasta Crocodile. For the sake of the argument, let's include the Okama Queen Iva-chan who was not present at that point in time. And toss in some of the more significant smaller fries in Luffy's corner, Bon-chan, San (Mr. 3), the great Buggy-sama and Crab-chan. (oh shit! the panel is a bit crammed!!!)

So, they fight head on there and then. No time restriction caused by Ace's execution nor Magellan's chase. How do you think the fight will be? Will the mockup group be up to par with the BB pirates? Or will they be totally annihilated by BB pirates?

I have spent some time (after watching the ID arc anime for the first time ever not so long ago) thinking about the matter, but am more focus as whether Luffy's mockup gang is up to the battle standards of the BB pirates. In my opinion, the entire crew members of BB pirates may NOT hold their ground against two ex-shichibukais plus a revo commander, but I don't think Luffy and gang have an answer to Blackbeard's unique ability.  In the end, I would think BB will win.

Let's hear about yours.

Who will win?

The poll was created at 07:44 on August 7, 2013, and so far 17 people voted.

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