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YOHOHOHO!!! For once, I wanna try to be like DP - using some really BIG words! ^_^

In reading the latest chapter, this blog idea came to mind. We were introduced to this new character Yarisugi who tends to exaggerate "too" much. Believe it or not, I actually know one fellow in my office who is almost like this Yari-chan (though not "too" that extend). Another colleague has just revealed of his wife's pregnancy in about two days ago and this cute fellow claiming of hearing about it over a few hundred times already! Amusing, I find this fellow to be, always having something to say at the tip of the tongue, never a dull moment in her presence, most of the time (if not always) "too" much exaggerated... ^_^

In OP, there are a lot of peculiar behaviour, tic, personality, etc. Some notable examples are:

  • Yarisugi's overly exaggeration
  • Luffy, Ace and Garp's tendency to immediately fall asleep while eating, standing, fighting, etc
  • Igaram's "Ma~ma~maaa~"
  • a certain character's speech (e.g. Neptune's -jamon, Ikaros Much's -hi,
  • Manboshi and Ryuboshi's singing and dancing
  • a character doing something only to cause surrounding people to scream in exclaimation! (e.g. of surrounding people saying "That's fast!" or "Stop doing what you are NOT suppose to be doing!" or the likes)
  • tendency of Luffy picking nose at the most inappropriate moment

With so much of these idiosyncracy available in OP, which one (or few if you want to name more) which you find most amusing / interesting / hilarious. Alternatively you can also name one scene which you like the most about any of these peculiarity behavior / personality observed.

For me, I most absolutely adore the cute Medaka Quintuplets and their cuter speech patterns... I also find Duval's overall personality to be quite amusing (his signature smile, "Eh, Handsome?", etc). And Brook... I'ma not sure how to put it in words but its HIM!

Lastly, a special mention (ESPECIALLY to the Photoshop King) - NO DEVIL FRUIT POWERS!!! ;-P

Enjoy and hope you have a good weekend ahead.