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Rusukaina - sometime during "2Y"

Rayleigh: Luffy.

Luffy: Yes, Ray-san?

Rayleigh: Today you will receive your final lesson in your training.

Luffy: OK.

Rayleigh: You have a good mastery of the Kenbunshoku no Haki, as you are now able to sense all the wildlife on this island.

Luffy: Yup!

Rayleigh: And you have also learn the ropes regarding Haoshoku no Haki, generally you know how to knock off the weaker animals while successfully tame some of the stronger beasts, though you still need to practice more if you are to go at the strongest ones.

Luffy: Yeah, I will do my best to strengthen my Haoshoku.

Rayleigh: Today, you will use these a technique which will utilise both these two kinds of haki. Instead of knocking off ALL presence within your area with Haoshoku, you will instead selectively choose some to knock out, or some not to knock out.

Luffy: ... Oohhh!!! *Starry eyes* Like what you did back then at Sabaody?

Rayleigh: *smiles* This is one of my more favourable techniques.

Luffy: Oh yeah! I'm all ready, let's do it!

Rayleigh: *smirks* Come.

After a short walk, they arrived to an anthill the size as tall as Luffy. The ants are of normal standard size but within resides hundreds of thousands of ants.

Luffy: This?

Rayleigh: *Nod* Open it up.

Luffy: Gomu Gomu no... Pistol!

Luffy blasted the anthill at the side, bursting it wide open. The ants were scattered about, panicking from the sudden exposure.

Luffy: Then?

Rayleigh: Observe that a small handful of them have distinctive colors. I have painted them yesterday and released them back to their colony this morning. Notice them were all over the place. Your task is to knock out all the ants with exception of the colored ones. Remember, all must be knocked out and all the colored must be conscious.

Luffy: *concentrating* I can sense the ants all right, each one of them, but how to tell the colored ones from the others?

Rayleigh: That is the point of this training. Good luck.

Luffy: OK, I will work hard!

Rayleigh: Good. Oh, and I forgot to inform you that you don't get to eat meat until you have completed this training.

Luffy: *TROLL-FACE* ACK!!! Ray-san, have mercy! This training may go on for days...

Rayleigh: So, the sooner you complete this training, the earlier you get to eat. ^_^