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This morning, while driving to work, as I tuned into my favourite radio station, the topic of discussion was scammed. It mainly talked about how you were approached by someone and they say you won some good prize but in order to get your application to redeem the prize you need to deposit some good amount of money into some bank account (as fees - they say - to allow your application to be processed and prize to be delivered). And after you did that (deposit money into bank account), you can kiss your hard earned cash goodbye.

The many callers (some was scammed decades ago, some as early as weeks ago) all agreed that while they have been alerted to such scam tactics via newspaper, TV news and advertisements, as well as radio, they do not believe that they themself will fall for such a scam, and in the end they did. Some said that they were already suspicious at that moment but the powerful persuasion of the swindler convinced them to believe their "good" luck prize. Kinda ironic to have already been alerted but yet still fall for the scheme.

Thinking about it carefully, I'd say that's Haoshoku Haki at work there! The swindler used their haki to overpower their victim's will, hence victim stops suspecting and do what was told to be done (deposit money). I bet if I say this out aloud, I will get arrested and put into mental rehab centre, but that's the only logical explaination that I could come up with (from OP's point of view).

Haha, jokes aside, since I know there are many teenagers and youngsters here, I wish to bring it to all's attention to avoid any of the community here falls victim of such scams. Be alert that the Haoshoku Haki is present in reality, there are people who use it to do wrong things, so keep your alert and your willpower high at all times! I wonder will Vegapunk will create something which can block from being overpowered by Haoshoku Haki, something like the Magneto's helmet which prevents telepathy attacks....