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This blog is a parody of the monster blog GMC

*Walks to the (dorm) door, looks back, sees Tucky and Evan glued onto their respective computers*

AY: I'm off to the (high) school now, see you guys later!

*No response from both, still busy typing away with their computers*

*Walks out from the dorm. A distant away, sees a figure resting underneath a tree*

AY: Senpai, mind if I ask which direction is the school?

*Figure sits up, points to a direction*

AY: Arigato, senpai (walks away in the direction)

*Panel zooms into the figure, infobox (Name: Zoro, Position: Vice Principle, Other info: Senseless direction, Handicapped - Left eye)*

AY: (walking towards the school) What a beautiful day…(U2 song Beautiful Day playing at background)

*At the next second, thunderstorm, runs towards the school. At the doorstep…*

AY: (looks up into the sky) Dang, the geezers of Weatheria must be pulling a joke at me!

*Arrived at the main hall, so huge and many connecting points to various areas of the school. Sees a tall dark and huge guy walking past. Infobox (Name: Jozu, Epithet: Diamond, Other info: Honorary member of the "We are Family" club, Handicapped - Right Arm)*

AY: Ohhh, Jozu senpai! Just wana say you did great at the Marineford war, I like the one wher…

*Jozu stops, turns facing AY, smiles (a smile which looks pretty much like a horrible beast grinning, KOWA!!!), and walks away like a bada$$ he looks like*

AY: Oh, forgot to ask… Nevermind.

*Got lost in the maze-like school hallways, stumble across an old man with moustache that had ribbons tied at each ends. Infobox (Name: Zeff, Epithet: Red-leg, Other info: Mentor of Cooking Dept Head, Handicapped - Right Leg)*

AY: Oh, Zeff-dono, your Red-Leg style is amazing, its so cool whe…

Zeff: (Cuts AY's conversation) Oh, you liked it, lemme show you some moves…

*Does a table-top spin move, knocks AY and a few nearby students unconscious. Few hours later…*

AY: (Gaining conciousness) What the? (Looks at the clock) Darn, I'm already late for the class and still I am not able to find the class room. I gotta hurry!

*Gets up, takes a step and fades into unconscious again. Nearby, a figure with red hair walks past. Infobox (Name: Shanks, Position: Inspirational Club Head and Party Planning Class Teacher, Other info: Haoshoku Haki so powerful, subconsciously seeps out from him is powerful enough to knock normal students unconscious, Handicapped - Left Arm''). A few more hours later…*

AY: What happened? (Gets up and starts moving…)

*Encounters a levitating man with swords as legs. Infobox (Name: Shiki, Epithet: Golden Lion, Other info: Handicapped - Both legs). Shiki flys around and randomly touch students nearby and sends them away from the school for a good distance just for fun, including AY. Yet a few more hours later…*

AY: (crawling back to the school door steps) I... have… come… back…

*Hallway Supervisor Akainu caught a glimpse of AY, walks towards and stands right in front of AY, shadowing over him. Arm starts to turn into magma…*

Akainu: Why are you not in your class, you maggot? Its straight to detention for you!

AY: Akainu-san, wait! I can explain… It was…

Akainu: DAI FUNKA!

*The magma punch sends AY straight into the detention centre, making holes in the walls along the way. In the detention centre…*

AY: Man, what did I do to deserve this?

???: Just another day eh, kid?

AY: (turns to voice) MDM!? What are you doing here in the detention centre? I thought you are a member of the faculty


AY: (facedesk) Sigh… All the handicapped guys sure are bada$$!!! (remembers Zoro, Jozu, Zeff, Shanks and Shiki)

*Turns face towards the reader, breaking the fourth wall…*

AY: Don't you think so?