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With this blog being written, hope will not cause (too) much upset to the lot of Zori fans -jamon.

From past knowledge, slaying a dragon makes one a legend, Ryuuma was the only example we know of. This should mean dragons are really really REALLY tough nut to crack, supposably.

Then we have Zori-kun (with help from Luffy and Usopp) quite easily taking down a fire breathing dragon, using only an Ittoryu technique, aimed at the universally acknowledged weakpoint (OP sekai included) - the neck. Slit it off, and soon we're going to have dragon mizu bbq that goes well with sake. Yummy!

So its either the dragon slaying legend has been exaggerated, or Zori-kun is SUUUPA SUUUPA strong nowadays!

Ryuuma came from NW and slayed a dragon, we all know that. Pre-TS Zori beats Ryuuma without much effort, thus pre-TS Zori could have survived in NW already back then (and slay a dragon), let alone the currently post-TS Zori. Hence the current victory is of no surprise, if you look at it from a different point of view.

Am aware that I am speculating, but I am just putting 2 and 2 together to get 3… (background voice : wrong) ... erm 5? (voice : math fail!) … 4! Yes, 4 … … what was I trying to prove with the number "4" again? Oh, you'll get the gist.

This is AY, over and out -jamon!