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Chapter 816 Predict

AYET February 5, 2016 User blog:AYET

Early morning at the next day, Pekoms set sail towards BM.

Few hours ago:

Chopper: (bandaging Pekoms) This will make do, you should be able to heal a lot by the time you reach the party.

Pekoms: Thank you, gao!

Nami: How do you know your way to the tea party?

Pekoms: Don't worry, we all know how to go back to (Big) Mum, gao.

Nami: Okay then. Luffy, please bring back Sanji and come back safe, both of you.

Zoro: Peh, must we bring back that ero-cook? We may do better without him. (ignored by others)

Chopper: Yes, please bring him back.

Usopp with a scared worried look.

Luffy: (wide-grin) Shishishi, don't worry. I WILL get him back!

Current time:

Pekoms: I hope this works. (looking ahead with a shadowed figure beside him)

Few hours later, a commotion at Whale Forest. The Strawhats arrives. The Minks are fighting against the samurais.

Nami: Oh no! This is NOT good.

A Mink: (firecely attacking) Shut up! Don't you dare to associate yourself with our saviors. Its a disgrace!

Kin: But is true! Oh wait, there they are. Zoro-dono! Help to explain to them I am with you guys.

Those Strawhats turn the other way while the Minks look on. (">_>)

Minks: All these are your fault, samurais! Guardians, kill!

???: ROOM!

Fast forward to the location of Big Mom's Tea Party. Vessel docks and Pekoms step onto land.

Pekoms: (to an underling) Tell Mama I have returned gao.

Underling: And this? (pointing to another figure)

Pekoms: He is my fellow Mink from Zou.

???: Yo... I mean, growl.

Pekoms: (slapped the "fellow Mink" on the head; whispering) You are a dog Mink!

Luffy in dog mink disguise: Oh yes. Woof, woof!

Underling: (._.")

Shift focus into a room.

Sanji: (in full white tux, face shadowed from view) ...

A large man in shadow appears at the door.

???: Its been a long while, San.

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