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It was a hilarious chapter despite not having much of story progression, still people are running around here and there.

Amusing it was to see how Luffy had to fight for his "rights" to get the full cake (i.e. Doflamingo) while others were also aiming for a piece of the same cake because they were eager to return their gratitude for a debt they received in one way or another from the Strawhats. Not sure Luffy will like or hate God Usopp for this, after all it was his fault those other strong fighters are aiming for Doflamingo as well. So much for Luffy being hateful of being a hero who had to share his piece (in this case, Doffy).

Poor Law, it came back to haunt him on how he perceived his shallow relationship with the Strawhats, yet Luffy thinks so extremely highly of him and their current friendship or nakamaship. From last week's "First thing I will do when I get off these cuffs is to kill you!" to this week's "No! I'm not your friend!" and "You're doing all this for food?!", what a good lol it is currently between those two.

And currently we have the whole strong colosseum warriors sided with the Strawhats. That pretty much tip the power balance off and against the Don pirates. So what's next, Doflamingo? Your move...

p.s. Sorry for stealing your spotlight, Nova-chan. Just today I happen to have time to be doing this at the hour of the manga released.

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