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* Its 4am when this blog was created. Somehow I was not able to fall asleep, perhaps it was the black coffee I took at the evening, the first since quite a long time already. By the time I finish the blog, I hope I will be somewhere near sleepy mode *

- BLS is away for a finite period of time, thus a hiatus of prediction from him currently
- I believe there is another blogger who makes good prediction along with BLS (cant remember the name) but was not active recently
- Alpha recently had a good concept of playing a game of storytelling involving the creativity of the many members of the OP Wikia community

Bearing in of the above points, may I suggest we play a game of prediction-telling from since CH655?
The play will be similar to Alpha's "Storytelling Chain Game" (apologies as I dont know how to make a hyperlink to the blog).
I do not have the OP prediction gene in my blood (or brain if you like), but combining the creativity of the many members of OP wikia as seen in Alpha's game, I think we will come up with a prediction of some sorts, likely may be wierd or bizarre.

The rules for the prediction-telling game are:
- prediction starts after chapter 655
- each member can comment some sentences or a short paragraph to continue the prediction (unlike Alpha's rule of one sentence per comment) but please KEEP IT SHORT and contribute a SMALL PORTION so that others can creatively think and add in afterwards
- comments that are too long (either in description or storyline), does not connect / fit into the currently running story thread, or is not related to the topic at all can / will be ignored by the people who actually really wanna play (if its possible, blog owner will remove the comment)
- adhere to the elements of OP as set by Oda, you may be creative with your comments and creation but try to be as OP-original as possible
- the game ends when 1) no further comments from anybody, or 2) latest chapter of OP has been released

Here goes :

"Back on Punk Hazard, the group finds an enormous skull, bigger than even a giant's. Something growls from behind them. The crew is stunned, as they cannot believe that what they are seeing really exists. Robin tells them there is nothing else that it can be other than what it is. The crew is staring up into the eyes of a fire-breathing dragon, who then asks the crew who they are."

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