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Say you are granted the permission to ask Oda to show you the unseen fights or battle(s), which will it be?

  • Akainu vs Aokiji (until chapter 658 this has yet been revealed)
  • Ace vs Blackbeard (though some scenes were revealed but not totally in full)
  • Mihawk vs Shanks (sparring)
  • Shanks vs Whitebeard (epic display of power where it was said the skies split into two)
  • Roger vs Shiki a.k.a the battle of Edd War (with to see how Roger pirates fight until the moment of the storm comes)
  • Magellan vs BB pirates
  • Roger vs WB (epic battle between two strongest pirates in history)
  • BB vs Shanks (the bada$$ scar on Shanks, he really should thank BB though, those scars made him look cool and popular!)
  • Crocodile vs WB
  • Kaido vs Shanks (though may not be an all out battle, could just be a display of power or diplomatic negotiation)
  • Garp vs Roger (Garp cornered Roger, thus may have resulted into a battle)
  • Ace vs Jinbe (epic stalemate battle for 5 days between a good (not yet great) logia and a fishman)
  • Kaido vs Moriah (the loss of Moriah's crew)
  • Magellan vs Shiliew (ended Shiliew into Level 6)
  • Mihawk vs Zoro (training)
  • Shiki vs Garp & Sengoku (battle at Marineford)
  • Sanji vs Ivankov & Kamabakka Okama (I have a feeling Sanji may not like us snooping into his 2 years training there as he struggles hard to shun it!)

  • Edit: Starting to see several repetitive suggestions, likely users did not read the comments. So I better update the list as new suggestions come in...