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Konnichiwa OPW (One Piece Wikia) community,

This may very well be my last blog before I depart for my leisure trip. I will be away with almost no access to the net (hence not able to check OPW) until Sun noon / evening (Malaysian time). Thus there may be little to no reply from my end, but I hoped this blog will be good enough to be called interesting.

Firstly, there has been blog(s) enquiring "What does OP meant to you?", "How important is OP to you?", and the likes. You readers know yourself how much OP meant to you, and how much has it influenced your life (if any). While I can't say I am a die-hard fan, it starts to grow in me as the more I read the manga or watched the anime. And also it starts to feel awkward if a period of time passed by without taking a look into OPW blogs and reading the hilarious exchange of comments (by the likes of MDM, Neo, Panda, Rici, Tucky, Soul and many others), thought provoking blogs, and / or dropping by to say hi in the chat.

Then, not sure if you are aware, there's the incident at MS (no, not the dropping of OP manga thingy) whereby the forums was accidentally deleted for good. Many responses tsunami'ed on the MS FB page, from there I can observe how devastating that accident meant to the many users of the MS forum. Someone made a good commen on their FB page, "This is why nuclear bombs require TWO keys!", to which I very much agree. I may not be a very active user at MS forum, but without the discussion and spoiler pages, I had quite a awkward time on Wednesdays when the spoilers were posted (that was before I got to know of the blogging side of the OPW here).

And here's the enquiry from yours truly:

Let's say (I'ma touching some wood as I write this now...) there's a sudden technical failure causing the OPW blogging facility (and chat as well if you like) to go down for good (hence armageddon!) - not able to be recovered! (I'ma still touching wood currently) One way or another, I am just a month old, (yes, a noob, arigato Tucky-san) so it still has yet meant a lot to me - period. But how will that affect you, as the community of the OPW? What (devastating?) effects it has on your daily life routine? How will you cope and what you will do to overcome it? Tell what you feel and comment your mind.

Does this One Piece Wikia meant a lot to you, or doesn't it? Tell me...