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A thought came up quite some time back when I poped into the chat and conversed with Kuro and several others. Oda's creativity in One Piece also includes making use of animals (of various species, sizes, shapes and all) into the manga / anime, either as a device, or accompany some character, or as a character in itself. Some cute and cuddly, some fierce and nasty, but all in all still animal-themed. Below are some notable examples :

Snail - Den den mushi

Bear - Bepo

Snake - Salome, the two Gorgon sisters DF powers

Tanuki - who else???

Lion - Pekoms

Turtle - Also Pekoms

Frog - The ???-style swimming frog in Water 7

Spider - The stupid feller who stabbed WB during Marineford war, the VA with the sword

Bat - Carrying newspaper

Bison - Dalton

Wolf - Fake Chopper

  • There are tons and tons of fish species in FI, both the fishfolk and merfolk, but some distinctive notable examples...

Starfish - Pappug

Octopus - Surume

Whale - Hoe, Laboon

  • Despite being half bodied, but still counting...

Gator - Brownbeard

  • Fictionals include...

Phoenix - Marco

Dragon - The dragon in PH, (No, don't get started with Monkey D. Dragon, ok)

Satyr - Many henchmen in PH

Harpy - Mone

Then I was thinking of some bizarre animals and how Oda could have use them in their manga. Like...

Giraffe - Kaku

1) What more animals that I have left out which left an interesting impression on ya?

2) What animals that has yet appear in the OP universe, and how creative are you to think of how to use them?