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You are playing this RPG game about a young man Monkey D Luffy who goes on an adventure in search of the legendary treasure One Piece.  Throughout the journey, he met with countless adversaries, from Alvida, then Morgan, then Buggy, ... to Hody, Caesar, Chinjao, etc. The game ended with Luffy reaching Raftel, claiming One Piece and doing what he was suppose to be doing afterwards and emerged victorious, and finally settling down to a peaceful life at the place where his adventure started in the first place. THE END.

Now that you have completed the primary game, the (game's) main menu showed a "New Game+" option. This game option allows you to replay the adventure again as Luffy but with the following changes:

1) Luffy no longer has the Gomu Gomu ability

2) You are required to choose one of the named canon Paramecian DF ability to be used by Luffy

3) Logia and Zoan abilities are not available, unnamed Paramecian abilities are not allowed (e.g. Kid's or Issho's ability) and Gomu Gomu is also not allowed

OK, so what ability will you give to our protagonist? And with this different ability, how do you think it will affect or alter his fight with his opponents? 

Like if you choose to give him Buggy's Bara Bara no Mi, then his fight with Kuro will be even easier because Kuro could not cut him and also he (Kuro) was not known to have haki. 

Or how about giving him the legendary Gura Gura no Mi or a lesser but still as awesome Doku Doku no Mi? Or maybe Ope Ope no Mi perhaps?

What's your say?

Enjoy a good weekend.