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  • One of the things that I was looking forward to see in chapter 699 was the appearance of Kuzan's severed leg but it did not happen ^_^
  • Smoker asked how Kuzan came to know about this place (PH) and speculated that he may be involved in criminal underground movement. I am wondering why Kuzan WON'T know about PH? After all, he did battle on this island two years ago. Did I read it incorrectly or was it a plot hole in Smoker's question?
  • Not surprised in the alliance of Law and Straw Hat Pirates came into light (with CC's visual den den mushi and all) but am wondering how the Kid, Hawkins and Apoo alliance came to be known? Last I remember, a few panels showing them meeting up in secret (as the background environment suggests).
  • With the news about Law ~ SHP alliance, most likely Law will lose his Shichibukai post. Could he have foreseen this coming?
  • As of this moment, we have seen how Doflamingo give into Law's demands to resign from Shichibukai. Do you think Law will keep his end of the bargain and return CC to him or will he leverage Doflamingo into doing something else (pissing him off even more)?
  • Are you aware that with exception of Drake, the top 5 of highest bounty supernovas (based on pre-TS bounty value) are now in alliance (excluding Killer and Zoro whom are not captain ranks)? Kid, Hawkins and Apoo were ranked 1st, 3rd and 6th respectively, while Luffy and Law are 2nd and 5th rank.