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In the latest chapter, we saw how Law cuts up Vergo (along with his bamboo stick as well) cleanly into two despite him and his weapon being completely imbued with BH.

Something about this bothers me, so much so that I wish to reascertain my knowledge about BH and would also like to hear your opinion / thoughts on the matter.

Below are some scenarios to entice your brain, so put on your best thinking cap and comment what you have in your mind. Recall the scene where Rayleigh teaching Luffy about BH? The giant elephant takes a swing of his trunk at Rayleigh and it got repeled using BH (via invisible armor).

Lets say we playback on that scene and we throw some other stuffs at Rayleigh who will be blocking it using haki (invisible armor).

At the same time, we can also discuss about throwing those same stuffs at fully hardened Vergo.

Note that we are talking solely about BH here, please leave out KH and HH out of it.

These things are NOT imbued with haki unless stated so.

1. A normal stick (e.g. baseball bat, an iron bar, etc)

2. An arrow

3. A sword

4. A haki imbued bamboo stick (Vergo's)

5. A haki imbued arrow (Kuja's)

6. Kizaru's laser

7. Perona's Negative Hollow

8. Kuzan's (ex-admiral Aokiji) complete freezing

Finally, a quick poll:

How do you like the Punk Hazard arc so far (up to the latest chapter)?

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