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- Callers will call and haters will hate, TSOR is indeed Kyros. So who called it, step right up and claim your bragging rights ^^

- One thing I am confused about the toys and their obedience. We have been told that once turned into toys, you will totally lose control of your body and free will, it acts on its own accord as per bound by the contract. Yet at the crash site (the duck crash incident), we can observe the toys running for their lives. So does it mean when life is under threat, a toy can and will prioritise safety over contract?

- it appears that the ultimate objective of operation SOP is to create one window of opportunity for Doflamingo to be shot at, and this task has been entrusted upon TSOR. The dwarves and TSOR is well aware of how powerful Doflamingo is (his battle and DF ability), but to "shoot" him? Kairoseki bullets?

- one more confusion I have, the dwarves does remembers TSOR of who he is actually. Consider the known facts: Kyros has been turned into a toy, Rebecca remembers not who he is, the dwarves remembers not their nakamas who has been turned into toys just moments ago. Contract bound or not, once one has been turned into a toy, their presence will be erased immediately. Then how to explain about the dwarves' knowledge of TSOR? Or am I missing some significant facts somewhere?

- Trivia: Did anyone caught three Spiderman parodies in Dressrosa arc to-date? First was the way Doflamingo moving around (from Dressrosa to PH). Second was the way Trebol giving the snot shot at the fly. Third was the way Trebol shot a string of his snot to attach at something, then hurling it (catapault-pulling-style) to crash it into the tower (emphasis on that snot string).