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There is a blog about the blind swordsman (fuh! epic powers are EPIC!) and two regarding the city of Dressrosa. Mine will focus on the distribution of the protagonists into the teams with respective objectives.

In the blue corner, we have Law, Usopp and Robin on the mission to return the hostage to Doflamingo as a fair part of the bargain. Let's hope playing "fair and honorable" with Doflamingo does not get them into unnecessary troubles.

In the red corner, we have Nami, Momo, myself and Chopper on the mission to stay behind and guard Sunny-go.

And in the green corner, we have Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Franky and Kin on the mission to search-and-destroy-and-rescue : destroy a factory and rescue a nakama.

I don't know about you but almost immediately when I got to know about who's in which team I get an uneasy feeling. The way they (or should I say Oda) organised their groups raises some concerns as follow:

  • they did not distribute their strength evenly between offense and defense, with all of the monster trio plus the cyborg with the heavy firepower all in a group leaving the not so significant (weaker) members in defense. I mean, they are currently in hostile ground, meaning a very dangerous place deep in enemy territory (HQ?) controlled by the man whom they have just pissed off big time a couple of hours ago and run by his (assumed) very powerful crew members and this is how the StrawHats distribute their battle strength?
  • Law would have had two choices, to be in the factory destrustion mission or hostage return mission. Frankly I think he should be more concern about the factory destruction than hostage return, since it WAS his plan all along in the first place. Maybe perhaps he trusts the monster trio + robot enough to take care of the job properly, yeah I can accept that. But think about the risk he is taking with the hostage return mission, he may very well be walking into an ambush and/or meet the man, Doflamingo himself face to face because he has made his intentions known. For the one who has just spit in his face, he sure has guts to be taking the risk to meet up with the man again (assume Doflamingo did not know about factory destruction bit).
  • With all the monster trio in the same team, maybe this is a hint by the mangaka that we will see a lot of actions along their way. Maybe they will face tremendous defense in order to reach to the factory. Since we have seen how excited and confident Franky is about blowing up the factory and (naturally) being allocated to the assault team, it can almost be sure that he will play a vital part in the factory's destruction. Also on the same note, since all the monster trio absent from Nami's team, also could it be a hint by mangaka that nothing exciting will happen on that side?
  • A bit wierd why Kin will be in the assault team, is he expecting his nakama to be held hostage at the factory, of all the possible places in Dressrosa? Or maybe he is expecting to hear some news as they are searching for the factory, and to break team from that point onwards?
  • How will Law's team handle resistance? I guess their defense will be best if the opponent could not get too close to them, with Usopp and Robin's skills. Law could envelope them with Room and take care of those who broke into their defense but if too much comes in close for melee attacks, I don't think they can handle it.
  • Nami's team is even worst, despite staying in comfort zone, but should they be assaulted, I don't see much chances of survival against non-fodder opponents. This has got to be their weakest point, and Doflamingo may make a move to strike here to weaken the group.
  • The vivre card left by Law to Nami is an interesting point. Should anything happen to the other two teams, she should move towards Zou (or was it Zo?). Law is clearly hinting that there is some sort of safe house / zone over there, where the Heart pirates anchored. Therefore if Nami's team are assaulted, there is still an option for them instead of taking the assault head-on.

This week, I would like to share some cute StrawHat pictures from a 2013 wall calendar I recently purchased (yeah, a bit late but better than never), hope you like it.