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This blog is a homage to the original one written by Jinbe-san over a year ago

In real life,

1) A strange looking fruit appears, right now in front of you! You have no idea what is going on but you recognize that thing is a devil fruit from the One Piece universe. You also have no idea which fruit it is (a.k.a you don't know what power it may grant onto you) and there is no way to find out.

Do you dare to eat it?

2) You stumble upon a fruit vendor which, surprisingly, sells all the devil fruits which exists in the One Piece universe. Each fruit comes with a description of the power it grants you. You have enough money to buy ONE fruit and ONE FRUIT ONLY.

Which fruit will you choose and why?


a) The DF in scenario 1 is a random fruit which you have absolutely no idea what/which fruit it is!

b) You are allowed to make up your own fruit in scenario 2

c) Please answer both scenario

AY says

I accidentally came across this blog and saw how fun it was to the community back then. Thus I re-create the blog now to see how the new generation of community reacts to this topic.

Senior members of the community - you may or may not have participated on the original blog. To those of you who did not, please join the fun and let me have your opinion. To those who did, you are welcomed to join this time if you are willing (I'd be honored), with one extra condition: tell me if your opinion has changed from since back then vs now.

Have fun!

AY's Trivia

Do you know it was this original blog (written by Jinbe-san) which attracted Roa enough to join up the OPW community?

Edit: With permission granted by Jinbe-san, the link to the original blog is >>> here <<<