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- Two or more contestants take turn to outlast each other in stringing sentences depicting facts or events of One Piece (canon manga) series. 

- Sentences should incorporate a number (in word form) and with each passing turn, adding more and more incremental numbers and the numbers must be in word form and in its exact word (one, two, three, four, etc instead of a, once, duo, dual, second, twin, triple, etc)

- not allowed to re-use the substances associating to the number that has been mentioned in previous turns

e.g. if previous turn already mentioned "two Shichibukai", subsequent turns banned the usage combo "two" and "Shichibukai"; previous turn mentioned "three types of haki", subsequent turns banned the combo "three" and "types of haki"

- The sentences / paragraphs made by contestants must be well written, smooth and fluent to read and specific to a certain point or event that the author is trying to make, without going all over the place / disarray / broken.

e.g. allowed: During the events of Marineford war, it was revealed that one particular person can wield two devil fruit abilities simultaneously. Despite the presence of the three admirals in the area, he did not shy away from demonstrating his newfound powers for all to witness.

not allowed: There is only one fleet admiral. Two members of the shichibukai are present during Punk Hazard arc. There are three kinds of devil fruit abilities.

Example of ongoing contest:

First turn requiring only one number, one.

Participant A: One Piece is one of the most popular manga series currently.

Second turn requiring two numbers, one & two, without repeating the substance used from previous turn.

Participant B: One of the most dangerous places is the Grand Line, which is divided into two halves, Paradise and New World.

Third turn requiring three numbers, one, two & three, again without repeating the substance used from previous turns.

Participant C: At Rusukaina, Luffy only have one objective in mind, to train under Rayleigh for two years in order to learn the three kinds of haki.

Participants will be put to the test in their knowledge of One Piece series as well as their story-telling skills.

Anyone interested to join the contest?