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Not sure if this qualifies as a review, but here goes...

So Doflamingo had absolute confident about his nakama's loyalty towards him. Ironic how Jola was yapping about she can and will gladly offer her life for the young master while at the next second she was sprinting away for dear life instead of running back to protect her beloved master from the rogue.  

For all the trouble Law went through to get to this stage - enter pirating, earning Supernova recognition, getting Shichibukai post to access PH - and it was all about some "13 years old" thingy and a "life dedication" of someone's. This better be good and worth the sacrifices now and beyond.

Back at the Sunny, good thing they had Nami here because she is the only one able to halt Doflamingo's chase after them, can't imagine anyone else stopping him should he slip past or are done with Law. 

Ok, maybe its only me but the freaked out reaction of Momo about Doflamingo was just because he saw him torturing a man because of poor performance?? I thought there be more than that, like Doflamingo tears a person piece by piece to satisfy his sarcastic amusement. I dunno, maybe that scene was too much for the innocence kid to see, but for us readers that was peanuts - just my opinion. 

Sanji's out of the blue expression seems not fitting. Again this is my personal view, not sure how to explain this feeling but just his expression doesn't fit in with the plot at all (unless Violet-chan promised him a good "servicing" upon his return or something).

Then there's Violet, said to acquire "government" protection and was heading to the harbour but then turned towards the palace. At this moment, I think Oda is reserving her character, chances of her being a good or bad character is 50-50.

Awww, and don't you just love the reaction and expression of the badass Barty... towards the StrawHats ^_^"

To the colosseum. Rebecca's philosophy must be "a good offence is a good defense"! For one, she was not the offense kinda person, she never directly injure a single opponent. A kind girl. Now let's see how she deals with a brute.

Block D should boils down to Cavendish (Neo: YAAAAAYYYY!!! Go Cavendish!) and Rebecca and in my opinion, she can only be "so" strong by not going on offensive. High chance of Cavendish will win the block.

Nothing much to comment about the deep deep deeeeeeeeeep hole that Sai fell into. 

And do you get the feeling Chinjao just likes to hate people and extend the grudge all the way towards grandchildrens. Perhaps that is the "IN" thing at KanoKuni... ^_^

Well, no chapter next week is a bit of hurt but will survive...