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AYET November 22, 2013 User blog:AYET

A number of blogs has been made about various parts of chapter 729, will not repeat what's mentioned but here are some further topics I wish to highlight to discuss:

1) At some blog(s), people are saying Law has Caesar's heart in his body and Doflamingo's gunshots may wound Caesar instead of Law if its aimed at the heart. But I remember just a few chapters ago, Law returned Caesar's heart to him when he was onboard Sunny before Sunny made an escape from Green Bit. Either I'm missing something or this theory is not possible at all.

2) If not mistaken, Green Bit and Dressrosa is quite a distance away from each other. At one minute we saw the fight (Law vs Doflamingo) was at the bridge at Green Bit, then the next minute (taking everyone by surprise) it's in Dressrosa (around Colosseum). It appears to me as if the fight suddenly got warped to Dressrosa in a blink of eye rather than fighting all the way from Green Bit to Dressrosa. Under this perception, only Law can do an instant teleportation (via Room). Therefore, could the sudden appearance in Dressrosa be somehow Law's deliberate doing? Not specifically to let Luffy see his defeat at the hands of Doflamingo, but something like to attract public attention of his lost to Doflamingo, so it can be directly (televised) or indirectly (hearsay / rumors) alert the Strawhats to quickly execute the intended plan because he (Law) can no longer stall for time?

3) For all we know, Doflamingo was not known to be carrying a gun. His string DF is powerful enough to even cut things with ease (refer to Oars Jr). So won't it be easier to just cut Law with his string instead of using a conventional gun? Oda's "mind trick"??

4) Now that we have seen Bellamy got betrayed by the Donquixote family, I can guess that Bellamy will now ally with the Strawhats, just like Brownbeard did in PH. History repeats itself, yawn...

5) When Sanji states he's going back, I got the message that Sanji meant going back to Green Bit (where he was just been before the call) and help out Law in his fight with Doflamingo. Did anyone have the same impression as I did?

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