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Title: 10 mins

Cover: ... IDGAF

Doflamingo stood still while gladiators swarmed at him.

Sharp gaze locked on at Luffy, visibly angry.

Doflamingo released a wave of haoshoku haki, taking all the incoming gladiators down.

Gatz and the other half of gladiators looked back to see their comrades fell without even doing anything.

Doflamingo took a step forward and then lunged with incredible speed to arrive at Gatz and Luffy, releasing another wave of haoshoku haki at the remaining gladiators, knocking them out.

Doflamingo stood tall and stared down at Gatz, with Luffy on his shoulder.

Gatz frozen, shaking in fear.

Picking up Luffy by the head (left hand), Doflamingo turned his right hand into a needle and impales Luffy at the gut.

Luffy screamed in pain and vomitted blood.

Sabo saw Luffy impaled, ignored Burgess and rushed to help his brother.

Burgess attacked Sabo from the back and send him flying a short distance away.

Burgess: (as he moves closer to Doflamingo) Donquixote Doflamingo, if you wanted to kill Straw Hat Luffy, please be my guest and do it quick and do it now! Wiihahahaha!

Suddenly Luffy gave Doflamingo a punch to the face and then a kick to the chest, sending him back a few steps while Luffy himself is free from being impaled. A lot of blood poured out from his wound.

Luffy: (thinking) Shit! With a wound this bad, even if I could recover my stamina, I could not use my Gears anymore!

Sabo attacked Burgess and then tried to take on Doflamingo. Burgess saw Sabo went after Doflamingo, hence Luffy was vulnerable, thus moved towards Luffy.

The ground shook and up comes a wall. Issho raised it to separate Sabo and Burgess from reaching Doflamingo and Luffy.

Issho: (to Sabo and Burgess) You two shall not disrupt their fight!

Luffy stood up, hand covering wound, Doflamingo standing, hand to waist. Issho stood at the top of the wall, looking down at the two.

Doflamingo: So you still have some fight in you. Good! You said you needed 10 minutes to recover and then deliver a final blow to me. How about we make this a gamble? The birdcage should end in about 20 mins, I will speed it up so it ends in 10 mins! Should you used up your recovery time and your final technique fail to defeat me, you and everyone else will die!

Double spread page of Luffy in centre, with insert pictures of all other remaining people in the birdcage: Sabo, Issho, Usopp, Zoro, Kinemon and Kanjuro, Robin, Riku, Kyros, Violet, Rebecca, Gatz, Franky, etc.

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