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AYET August 1, 2012 User blog:AYET

The below riddles could be referring to a person, a specific DF ability, a name of a DF or a place, anything that may be related to One Piece canon. Can you solve the riddles?

1) He has trouble keeping it to himself, despite claiming to have a tight lip. (Who is he?)

2) His presence will lighted up your day. (Who is he?)

3) I have something in common with canines and felines but I ain't no quadruped. (Who am I?)

4) I'm telling you "he" just love candies! (Who is "he"?)


5) Where would you find Enel constantly throwing his temper?

6) No one dares to challenge this man, for he owns an entire army inside him!

7) For a person who captures people by their hearts, would you call him charismatic?

8) Tarot cards, anyone?

9) She was caught?! I wonder what's eating her?

10) Hmm, I'm not sure. Is he seven person or is he one?

11) Take one two many of this drug and you will end up losing yourself

12) This place sits in the middle of the Grand World

13) He takes his name in the form of double desserts.

14) My hats off to HIM for being his successor!

15) There's nothing fishy about this commanding son of the father

Riddle answers here

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