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Update: We have now identified 4 team captains based on the last blog, Dragon, Sakazuki, Whitebeard and Doflamingo. If I have to name one similarities of those characters, its "master strategists"!

Now, let's get them a first mate. In this blog, your choice will be ONE character nomination to be the first mate for ONE team of your choice only. You do not get to nominate for all teams, just one of them.

We shall see which of the 4 team captains you will root for and who (in your opinion) is best to be paired with the captain of your rooting. E.g. "Marco for Whitebeard's FM" or "Kuzan for first mate of Dragon's team" or "Issho for Doflamingo's", etc

The highest nomination of respective teams will be made the first mate of the team.

Special note:

  • First Mates possessed a special advantage. Similar to the Captain's, when the First Mate is summon to battle, they start off with a certain number of votes ahead of the opposition(s).
  • At this moment, the number of lead votes is yet determined but it should be less than half of the number of lead votes the captain possesses. E.g. If the Captains own 7 lead votes, First Mates will own 3; if Captains own 11, First Mates will have 5. You will encounter this later during the battle blogs.

The rules:

1) eligible participants must fulfil ALL of the following:

- having a valid login account in OP Wikia (no AWC users, no forgotten login credentials)

- having date join no later than July 2013 (August 1, 2013 and later are not allowed)

- having at least 50 edits in OP Wikia

2) each participants are allowed to cast only one vote, and the content of the vote is as per stated above. Allowed to amend vote content as long as voting period is still active

3) voting period ends at UTC 21/01/2013 15:00

4) character nominations are strictly based on CANON series only. p.s. Strong World does count as canon. Deceased characters are applicable as well.


Team Dragon = Ivankov (DSP, Aura)

Team Sakazuki = Blackbeard (Roa; random tiebreaker pick)

Team Whitebeard = Rayleigh (Raven; random tiebreaker pick)

Team Doflamingo = Kid (Fin; random tiebreaker pick)

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