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FIRST MATE Ivankov Blackbeard Rayleigh Kid
Crew Kuma Crocodile Lucci Issho
Crew Enel Magellan Kuzan Sengoku
Crew Jinbe Smoker Kaku Law
  • Team Dragon - Enel (fatigued, -1 vote at the start)
  • Team Sakazuki - Crocodile
  • Team Whitebeard - Lucci
  • Team Doflamingo - Sengoku (fatigued, -1 vote at the start)

Participants will cast ONE vote having one name of who you want to win this battle.

Two characters of the highest votes survives, the other two will be eliminated.

The rules:

1) eligible participants must fulfil ALL of the following:

- having a valid login account in OP Wikia (no AWC users, no forgotten login credentials)

- having date join no later than July 2013 (August 1, 2013 and later are not allowed)

- having at least 50 edits in OP Wikia

2) each participants are allowed to cast only one vote with one character name. Allowed to amend vote as long as voting period is still active

3) voting period ends at UTC 29/01/2013 03:00

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