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We have completed a total of 12 groups (8 in Round 1 and 4 in Round 2) and there are 13 more groups to be played (4 in Round 3, 6 in Round 4, 2 in Round 5 and of course the finale), with Round 3 Group 1 currently underway and Group 2 will be up in less than 6 hours from now.

Here I have a proposal and would like to bring it up for discussion with all participating users. Viewing in the best interest for the tournament's integrity and being fair to regularly participating users, I would like to suggest that the final two rounds of the tournament (Round 5 & Round 6) to be made into a CLOSED voting event.

I was just imagining that we are currently playing the FINALE. Suddenly, in almost similar fashion as the Toge Toge no Mi incident, we have a sudden surge in unfamiliar participants appearing and casting votes all over the place. Without a proper justification and evidence, I could not just disqualify the users, thus ending up with a disputable champion of the favourite devil fruits tournament.

Therefore, perhaps it may be best if the final two rounds are only playable by participants that has been showing a good track of attendance record throughout the length of the tournament. What I have in mind is (by the time we ended Round 4 Group 6) to only allow participants that has an attendance record of greater than 3/4 (or 1/2, to be decided upon) to play Round 5 and Round 6.

This means, by the time we ended Round 4 Group 6, we would have completed 22 groups played. If the qualification was set at 1/2 attendance, this means users who has played 12 or more times will be eligible to participate in Round 5 and Round 6. To the others who does not rake up enough attendance count, apologies.

By doing this, in my opinion, the tournament will be rewarding the regular participants properly, otherwise any new, first time user(s) or users played only a few times to have an influence (in the last two rounds) equally as to those who have been participating in perfect track records from since the start.

Also by having a closed voting session, the integrity of the tournament and the outcome will be secured, as regular participants have proven themselves to be of good honor.

So, the above is what I think. Tell me your thoughts, agree or disagree, and some elaboration will be appreciated (especially if you disagree).