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I bid thee welcome to the final round of the 2013 Devil Fruits Tournament. The three finalists will do battle for the one last time to determine which one of the three is superior and emerge as the supreme favourite DF of all. Before we start off with the round, let's take a moment to recap their respective journey from the start all the way to the finals.

First up, the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

  • The Nikyu started off Round 1 in Group 5, where it emerge as the highest voted fruit along with Suna, Bari and Buki, leaving behind Horu, Numa, Ushi: Giraffe and Uma.
  • Assigned to Group 1 of Round 2, Nikyu obtained the unique immunity vote with 49% of total votes among the likes of Moku, Hana, and Hito: Daibutsu. Fellow group mates Doa, Mane, Bane and Noro was left behind. With the immunity privileges, Nikyu skipped Round 3 (the elimination round) and lands a spot into Round 4
  • In Round 4, Nikyu was paired with Gura to battle one on one for the opportunity to advance to the next stage. At the start of the match, Gura got off with a comfortable lead of 5 votes (6 to 1) and Nikyu seemed to be falling behind, however with one swift momentum the tides were turned against Gura as Nikyu having a shower of votes overtaking the leader leaving Gura to eat the dust of its trail. A spectacular win for the Nikyu and with it it earned a spot in Round 5
  • In the second last round, Nikyu was the one with the lucky break, obtaining the majority of votes to transpose group with Goro and to its advantage the group it got switched to happened to qualify for the final round.

Next, the Pika Pika no Mi

  • On its debut round, Pika ended up being second behind Hie and along with Hana and Gasu, took a step into the next round leaving behind Tori: Falcon, Doru, Hito and Shari
  • In Round 2, Pika obtained the glorious immunity vote with just 26% of majority vote, having a close competition with Doku and Goro for the special vote. The latter two and also Gura proceed into Round 3 while Pika skip jump to Round 4. Fuwa, Buki, Bara and Toge got left behind.
  • In Round 4, Pika was paired with Moku and boy, it ain't a fight at all as Pika had a huge win over its opponent to advance into Round 5
  • In Round 5, the group Pika was in had the majority vote, thus qualifying for the final round.

And finally, the Yami Yami no Mi

  • In Round 1 Group 2, Yami ended second best behind Mera (oh, the irony!) and also with Bara and Doa moved into the next round. Supa, Mero, Choki and Hebi: Anaconda fell in this round.
  • Round 2 saw Yami again turning up second best (excluding Hie with the immunity advantage) in between of Suke and Gomu and all three earn the chance to play in the next round. Bari, Yuki, Kage and Ushi: Bison got disqualified here.
  • The only finalist that had to play the elimination game (Round 3), Yami and fellow group mate Gura did not felt threaten at all as the Gasu got a landslide of elimination vote to disqualify it from the tourney. Though here the Yami did obtained 6 of 35 elimination votes casted.
  • Round 4 saw Yami pitting against the gold and shiny Daibutsu and it broke no sweat at all to overpowered its contender as the Yami took and maintained its lead all the way from the start to end, with a huge 79% of all votes casted.
  • In Round 5, Yami's group obtained the qualification to play in final round as it had the majority vote to advance.

After the brief history of the three finalists, let's now focus on the final game. The starting lineup are as below

Nikyu Nikyu no Mi (User: Kuma)
Pika Pika no Mi (User: Borsalino / Kizaru)
Yami Yami no Mi (User: BlackBeard)

Here in the final round, you will cast your vote with two choices, the POSITIVE vote and the NEGATIVE vote. Any one fruit of your choice given the positive vote will earn a +1 point and any one fruit you choose to give the negative vote will earn a -1 point.

E.g. A user votes: POSITIVE - Gomu & NEGATIVE - Bara. Thus in the table it will look something like this:

EXAMPLE Gomu Gomu Bara Bara Hana Hana
User 1 +1 -1

Only the 37 eligible participants can vote, and each participants can only vote once (with the two selections). Not allowed to vote more than once and/or having a vote with less or more than 2 (one positive and one negative) choices, any of such votes will be disqualified.

Voting period commence now and will end at UTC 1500pm 16 Aug 2013 (MAL 2300pm same date)

The result in the end, the fruit with the highest nett point will win the tournament and be crown as the KING and the MOST FAVOURED DF of 2013!

Just a hint, think carefully of how to use your positive and negative votes. In one hand you are awarding the fruit of your favourite, in the other hand you can use it to sabotage the nearest competitor fruit that could challenge your choice of favourite. Use it wisely to maximise the advantages for your favourite fruit. Yet, bear in mind that sometimes when two giants meet head on, the small unnoticeable ant in the middle of the two may emerge as the victor among the giant battles, think carefully and you may get the gist.

Nikyu, Pika, Yami, WHICH will get the ultimate title?



Looks like the best was saved for the last act! The ending could not have been any more exciting than this. The lead position exchanged eight (8) times between Nikyu and Pika from since the start to end, and finally the winner and the ultimate champion of the 2013 Devil Fruits tournament goes to ...

Round 6 FINALE Nikyu Nikyu Pika Pika Yami Yami
Total Votes 4 3 -7
Jeniks 1 -1
Espada 1 -1
Aki -1 1
K 1 -1
Zako 1 -1
Centi -1 1
Murray -1 1
NWW 1 -1
(Vam) -1 1
DSP 1 -1
Salaman 1 -1
Phoenixs23 1 -1
Enrik -1 1
Burning Spider 1 -1
Meat 1 -1
God of Nothing 1 -1
Rici 1 -1
ST 1 -1
Myth 1 -1
Canuck -1 1
Death Row -1 1
Calua 1 -1
MDM 1 -1
Roa -1 1
LPK 1 -1
Zori -1 1
Kurokami -1 1
InSaiyan 1 -1
Briscombe -1 1
Neo -1 1
Vaz 1 -1
AY 1 -1


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