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2013 Devil Fruits Tournament - Round 3 Group 4 of 4

AYET July 31, 2013 User blog:AYET

Organiser says: Tonight am having weekly badminton games, therefore not sure if can return home in time to publish this Group at the stipulated hour. Therefore am publishing this now, 4 hours in advance of schedule though the voting end time will remain at the usual hour (thus giving this group more than 36 hours of voting period).

Also if you are not aware, the new chapter is out already. Have an enjoyable time reading.

Note: The next round, Round 4, will begin in about 3 days time, at UTC 1500am 03 Aug 2013 (MAL 2300pm 03 Aug 2013)

Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu (User: Sengoku)
Suna Suna no Mi (User: Crocodile)
Suke Suke no Mi (User: Absalom)

Votes away!

Contest rules:

1) Group voting commence now and will remain open until UTC 0300am 02 Aug 2013 (MAL 1100am 02 Aug 2013)

2) Voting will be done via comments. All registered users are eligible to vote once only. The same is applicable to AWC users but only 7 earliest AWC votes will be counted, 8th onwards are ignored.

3) In this round, users will vote with one (1) selection of devil fruit to be eliminated in this round.

4) User's own choice of DF, whether the choice be made due to the factor of power, unique abilities, the DF user, historic events, etc, are strictly personal and independent.

5) Casting of more than one (1) choice in a vote is not allowed.

6) The fruit with the highest number of votes will be eliminated from the tournament. The other two fruits will advance to next round (Round 4) joining those with immunity from the last round (Round 2)


FINAL RESULTS: Suke Suke no Mi has been eliminated from the tournament with 51% of majority votes. Hito Hito no Mi (Daibutsu) and Suna Suna no Mi will advance to next round.

Round 3 Group 4 Hito Hito Suna Suna Suke Suke
Elimination Votes 13 5 19
Kurokami E
Enrik E
Staw E
Espada E
Briscombe E
Zako E
Apoel E
Aki E
(Vam) E
Death Row E
Roa E
InSaiyan E
Jeniks E
Centi E
Vaz E
Myth E
DFUser E
Pocha E
Phoenixs23 E
God of Nothing E
Canuck E
Hawkinz E
Meat E
Zori E
FA88 E
Neo E
Burning Spider E
Future Cyborg 18 E


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