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For those who are still not aware, here are the results of the 8 Groups match in Round 1

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6 Group 7 Group 8
Bane Bane Mera Mera Hie Hie Goro Goro Nikyu Nikyu Ope Ope Gomu Gomu Fuwa Fuwa
Bomu Bomu Yami Yami Pika Pika Moku Moku Suna Suna Suke Suke Doku Doku Hito Hito Model: Daibutsu
Ushi Ushi Model: Bison Bara Bara Hana Hana Magu Magu Bari Bari Gura Gura Mane Mane Horo Horo
Toge Toge Doa Doa Gasu Gasu Kage Kage Buki Buki Noro Noro Yomi Yomi Yuki Yuki
Baku Baku Supa Supa Tori Tori Model: Falcon Neko Neko Model: Leopard Horu Horu Sabi Sabi Kilo Kilo Nui Nui
Guru Guru Mero Mero Doru Doru Giro Giro Numa Numa Mato Mato Inu Inu Model: Jackal Beri Beri
Zo Zo Choki Choki Hito Hito Inu Inu Model: Wolf Ushi Ushi Model: Giraffe Woshu Woshu Ori Ori Hebi Hebi Model: King Cobra
Mogu Mogu Hebi Hebi Model: Anaconda Shari Shari Awa Awa Uma Uma Inu Inu Model: Dachshund Sara Sara Model: Axolotl Sube Sube

Highlighted in yellow are those advance to Round 2, those strikethrough'ed fail to make it.

Now from the starting 64 fruits, 32 favourite fruits has been choosen. And from these 32, which one (ONE only) do you think will be crown winner for the tourney? Earn bragging rights by picking the winner of your heart now!

Heads up: Round 2 will commence in about less than 12 hours time from now and the voting method will be all too-familiar but having a slight twist in between. Look forward to it.


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