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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the annual OP Manga Academy Awards for the year 2012.

We started off the year with Chapter 652 (Fishman Island Arc's Grim Premonitions) on 11th Jan and ended with Chapter 694 (Punk Hazard Arc's The Most Dangerous Man) on 27th Dec.

Based on what we have seen in between the mentioned chapters (stick to canon only please), who will you nominate for the following awards:

a) Best Male Character - Leading Role

b) Best Male Character - Supporting Role

c) Best Female Character - Leading Role

d) Best Female Character - Supporting Role

e) Best Improvement Male Character

f) Best Improvement Female Character

g) Most Underrated Character

h) Best Favourite Chapter


i) The Best Improvement Characters award goes to characters who has the most overall improvement from the last appearance / knowledge - e.g. design, char development (e.g. matured), etc. Nomination is open to pirates, marines and civilians alike as well as the Straw Hats themselves.

ii) Supporting Role is not limitted to only the Straw Hats but is also open to any characters significant enough to be influencing or driving the plot movement e.g. Law, Caesar or the likes.

iii) Most Underrated Character denotes one character (male / female) whom you think deserves more active involvement (manga panel appearances) for the coming year 2013. A character who we get very little exposure but deserves more manga panel (equivalent of on-screen-time). One example could be Franky.

Without further ado, let the nomination begins. A voting for the results will come after enough nominations received.