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Initially, I thought the Shichibukai was all about bolstering the Marine forces in their power struggle against the Yonko. That being said, to me, it meant the Shichibukai was all about individual fighting power / ability. Therefore you will notice the previous (known) generation of Shichibukais were all very able fighters. 

However with the recent acquiring of Buggy into the group, that concept seems to be no longer true. I am quite sure you will agree that Buggy is not one who has very strong (DF) ability nor fighting skills. The rather logical reason for his acceptance into the post seems to be more of his reputation : an ex-Pirate King crew member, "brother" to Yonko Shanks and leader of a large group of strong Impel Down escapees.

Then this thought hit me. If you think carefully, with the acquisition of person into the ranks of Shichibukai, not only the WG acquire the person's fighting ability to their advantage, but also having one less member / pirate crew as opponent to worry about as well as some other indirect privileges.

This blog aims to discuss about what does the WG gain from admitting the respective individuals as their ally, the Shichibukai:


- a really strong fishman with unique ability to repel even logia advantages

- some sort of allegiance from the fishmen


- rare logia ability


- quite strong DF ability


- ?


- strong unique DF ability

- human auction house

- a royal member of Dressrosa


- world strongest swordsman


- powerful DF ability

- cooperation to experiment in Human Weapon project


- some sort of allegiance with the Kuja tribe


- gained the hearts (and obedience) of 100 pirates


- allegiance from the strong Impel Down escapees

Please add any that I missed.

Have a good weekend.

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