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    Let me get this out from my chest, have been bugging me over the past few weeks:

    Luffy's team are suppose to rescue Sanji by supposably sneaking into Whole Cake Island while avoiding confrontation with BM pirates.


    First, there's the "Luffy" factor. Despite his assurance that he will not fight BM but we know Luffy's tendancy in not to "GO LOUD"!

    But even waaaaay before that, they are going to infiltrate the place with what... Thousand Sunny? The signature ship of the Straw Hat Pirates?!

    And I thought that they should be going in via some random ship or at least some sort of underwater vessel in order to avoid detection.

    I mean what are the odds that the minions patrolling in Whole Cake Island, or those Den Den cameras, not recognising the…

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  • AYET

    Chapter 816 Predict

    February 5, 2016 by AYET

    Early morning at the next day, Pekoms set sail towards BM.

    Few hours ago:

    Chopper: (bandaging Pekoms) This will make do, you should be able to heal a lot by the time you reach the party.

    Pekoms: Thank you, gao!

    Nami: How do you know your way to the tea party?

    Pekoms: Don't worry, we all know how to go back to (Big) Mum, gao.

    Nami: Okay then. Luffy, please bring back Sanji and come back safe, both of you.

    Zoro: Peh, must we bring back that ero-cook? We may do better without him. (ignored by others)

    Chopper: Yes, please bring him back.

    Usopp with a scared worried look.

    Luffy: (wide-grin) Shishishi, don't worry. I WILL get him back!

    Current time:

    Pekoms: I hope this works. (looking ahead with a shadowed figure beside him)

    Few hours later, a commotion at W…

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  • AYET

    2015 Tournament Coming Up

    August 3, 2015 by AYET


    Am looking forward to hosting a new edition of tournament after Jade has concluded hers.

    Similar in style as the 2013 Devil Fruits Tourney (vote via comments, immunity granting, voting rules and results with twists, etc) but for this time around, it will be for DEVIL FRUIT USER (DFU) characters instead.

    This means characters with currently unnamed DF is eligible to play. Bring on Marco, Vista, Kid, Bonney, Kinemon, Issho, etc... HELL YEAH!

    Details / Mechanics of the tournament is currently being finetuned and will not be announced to build suspense, but some minor spoilers are as below:

    - tourney starts with 30 DFU characters and ends with 1 winner (duh!)

    - (wikia user) players will be asked to proclaim their favourite DFU upfront and the…

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  • AYET

    Post-TS Shockers

    July 29, 2015 by AYET

    We all know Oda just love to flabbergast us with totally unexpected facts or events that we fail to see coming!

    A few of the recent shockers (to me) would be:

    - Kuzan being (confirmed) associating with Blackbeard pirates

    - Kid alliance actually targetting Red Hair pirates despite a recent known attacks against Big Mom

    So besides the above, what else are the facts that totally caught you off guard - keeping it strictly to post TS developments only?

    And what more do you foresee that Oda may pull which will be a shocker of the same level? Bear in mind that these may be completely WILD theories which may be legit in some ways. I can think of one and it is related to those ex-Whitebeard pirates:

    - the ex-WB pirates are now split three ways:

    a) one gro…

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  • AYET

    Last we see of him, seastone-handcuffed by the Marines lead by Issho.

    And based on the spat between Issho and his boss Sakazuki, I'd say Doflamingo should still be under Issho's custody, not yet handed over to Marine HQ.

    So what fate should befall upon him now?

    - Death (be it swift execution there and then or judged execution or any other likes of similar) is highly unlikely, given the track records of One Piece and author Oda and with the great character development he received thus far, he seems to be too interesting and good a character to have met an end in the series as yet.

    - Thrown into jail? Impel Down perhaps? The betting chances is there but I don't think so. He knew too much politically, as such it may backfire on the gorosei geezer…

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