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    As we know from the past 14 season/597 chapters of One Piece; Luffy had faced against villians who were said to be the strongest. Example include

    1.Arlong = Strongest Fishman with the Highest Bounty  from the west blue

    2.Crocodile = one of the Seven warlords

    3.Eneri = said to be God of SkyPiea

    4.Rob Lucci = Strongest  member of the CP9 unit

    5.Gekko Moriah = One of the Seven Warlords

    and we know in season 15 and 16/598  he travel into Fishmen island fought Hody Jones and Punk Hazard and fought Caesar Clown and we know the future battle between him and Donquixote Doflamingo.

    So, in your opinion, what kind of villain would Luffy face in the New World after defeating Doflamingo?

    To me I want the next villain to be a Female. because most of the villain…

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