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True To Pirate Wars

4KS October 20, 2013 User blog:4KS

So, here i am waiting....

Decide to read a few past arcs.... mostly war oriented... and i find that almost all of them are fought in land or some form of land..... like ice stage in WB war...

So this got me thinking why oda hasnt given us a true PIRATE war.... like the one we hear or read of.... like

a calm sea.... gone beserk... due to unfotunate meeting of two pirate crews or the navy and pirates (it may be any doesnt matter)... they start raining cannon balls on one another... aim at the mast trying to do it in one clean sweep... other resist and they board the ships... slashin and killing each other... shouting in pain and agony.. in victory and joy... finally plunderring the losers ship... then sailing off with the captives.... SOUNDS FUN...

So where is this in the OP world... a true pirate war... WILL WE GET ONE IN THE FUTURE???

WILL IT INVOLVE LUFFY (obvious answer, but still)??

SInce we dont have one yet.... tell us which crews (be it a alliance vsalliance ,or alliance vs single crew, or a one on one, or pirates vs navy fleet ) you want to see in the sea battle...

ALSO be clear that i m talking bout a battle completely fought in sea where ships provied the support to feets and no land in sight. and use of powers is free..... obviously.. :)


Comments and criticisms are most welcomed..... :)

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