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Hey HO! Doing a review today... (* all wikians--Duh dummy we know)

So this chapter was all squishy and mushy for me... as the title suggests.. So most of us were right about Ussop being forced to fight ant this time it was emotional torture that did the trick on this coward...(* as predicted) this portion was the least enjoyable....

But the Dwarfs DEATH cry was hilarious "PIGYA" what ever that means... Oh wait it means "how much" in Gaddang language spoken in Philippines. Also the fact that the dwarfs did not believe in Teborl is surprising.. (* just shows Pigya they believe in a hero) Also gotta hand it to Ussops shamefulness here... asking for a statue in this kind of situation.. Shees.. :(

Now to my utter surprise Cryos was a street kid turned murderer turned Colosseum fighter... all in one.... didn't think that... it was ok till then and his show of dream run was also ok then comes the crying... he wants every one to forget him and the irony of it was that it came true... but the crying part was a bit anti climatic for me... :)

All in all the chapter left me with a strange feeling what about you... please share your thoughts.. :)