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Cocktail.... Ch 705

4KS April 10, 2013 User blog:4KS

ODA SURE HAS A THING FOR COCKTAILS THESE DAYS... I CAN TELL. HE JUST MIXED ALL THE EXPLOSIVE ELEMENTS WE COULD THINK OF and he sure beat the surprise from the last chapter from ass to the head.


  • SUPERCALL -Fujitaro is the blind guy. (no wonder he left a big hole in the pocket)
  • ON THE ROCK- green pit gang facing the iron eaters from 200 BC.
  • HIGHBALL- cp0...... man they look tall. CP 9 take a hike ur drunk.
  • SMASH- Bartolomeo enters. Vice Admirals get a hold of your socks they came off.


  • PICK-ME-UP- pervert suke n bone donce on the lap. Tomboy Nami becomes slave.
  • MIST- hopeless zoro and Kemon lost again.
  • DAISY- love sickness hits high well 8m high in fact.

On the other note PEEPINGTOMS marines did find the way into the arena.. hehe

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