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And There Was A Dream Team!!

4KS March 6, 2014 User blog:4KS

Ho Hey!!!'

So I am back... and this lame excuse for a user is here with a new blog for all you wiki readers and bloggers..

So as the title suggests its a DREAM TEAM.... now now... hold your horses.... this is related to OP in a way.(I think... :P)... So we all know that WORLD CUP is just around the corner and most of us are rooting for a team... (* m rooting for BRAZIL and GERMANY)...

So I thought what other way to celebrate the 100 day count down than to make my own OP football dream team... Yes you heard me right. its a dream team.

So here is my dream team:

1. Goalkeepers : Marshal D. Teach, Monkey D. Luffy

2. Defenders  : Rob Lucci, Magellan, Bartholomew Kuma.

3. Mid fielders: Monkey D. Garp, Sengoku, Donquixote Doflamingo

4. Forwards  : Sanji, Portgas D. Ace

5. Strikers  : Kizaru, Silvers Rayleigh

So this is my dream team.... Whats your... write them in the comments... :)

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