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  • 4KS

    Hey HO!
    Doing a review today... (* all wikians--Duh dummy we know)

    So this chapter was all squishy and mushy for me... as the title suggests.. So most of us were right about Ussop being forced to fight ant this time it was emotional torture that did the trick on this coward...(* as predicted) this portion was the least enjoyable....

    But the Dwarfs DEATH cry was hilarious "PIGYA" what ever that means... Oh wait it means "how much" in Gaddang language spoken in Philippines. Also the fact that the dwarfs did not believe in Teborl is surprising.. (* just shows Pigya they believe in a hero) Also gotta hand it to Ussops shamefulness here... asking for a statue in this kind of situation.. Shees.. :(

    Now to my utter surprise Cryos was a street kid turned mur…

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  • 4KS

    Ho Hey!!!'

    So I am back... and this lame excuse for a user is here with a new blog for all you wiki readers and bloggers..

    So as the title suggests its a DREAM TEAM.... now now... hold your horses.... this is related to OP in a way.(I think... :P)... So we all know that WORLD CUP is just around the corner and most of us are rooting for a team... (* m rooting for BRAZIL and GERMANY)...

    So I thought what other way to celebrate the 100 day count down than to make my own OP football dream team... Yes you heard me right. its a dream team.

    So here is my dream team:

    1. Goalkeepers : Marshal D. Teach, Monkey D. Luffy

    2. Defenders  : Rob Lucci, Magellan, Bartholomew Kuma.

    3. Mid fielders: Monkey D. Garp, Sengoku, Donquixote Doflamingo

    4. Forwards  : Sanji, Portga…

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  • 4KS

    Sweet Child.....

    October 30, 2013 by 4KS

    ohh the new chapter is out..

    the long dreaded wait is finally over.. and what fruit do we have for it... oh wait

    Lets see...

    That whiney little Becky gets her father with the added bonus of her GRANDFATHER (who was supposed to be long dead)... and all that in one chapter.... this was a bummer for me if you ask...

    But still it was a great chapter... we got an insight on how the things were before the WG was formed and why it is as it is today..... Cuz it was created by corrupt and senseless bast**ds..... simple.....

    also we got to know why DOFLY is as he is.... Cuz he in herited his GREAT GRANDFATHER's will (the one mentioned in the chapter)... and he came back to his roots 10 years ago...

    And the whole faries mombojumbo was shoted out some while…

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  • 4KS

    True To Pirate Wars

    October 20, 2013 by 4KS

    So, here i am waiting....

    Decide to read a few past arcs.... mostly war oriented... and i find that almost all of them are fought in land or some form of land..... like ice stage in WB war...

    So this got me thinking why oda hasnt given us a true PIRATE war.... like the one we hear or read of.... like

    a calm sea.... gone beserk... due to unfotunate meeting of two pirate crews or the navy and pirates (it may be any doesnt matter)... they start raining cannon balls on one another... aim at the mast trying to do it in one clean sweep... other resist and they board the ships... slashin and killing each other... shouting in pain and agony.. in victory and joy... finally plunderring the losers ship... then sailing off with the captives.... SOUNDS FUN..…

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  • 4KS

    Lets talK JOLLY ROGER...

    September 10, 2013 by 4KS

    Hello there!!!

    Sorry i havent been here for quite a few months i think.. ( i lost track).. Well i had to perpare for my entrnce...

    Now back to the topic...

    As you can guess from the topic what this blog is going to be about...I have been giving it a lot of thought.... and wanted to know the inspiration that Oda got in real life to draw the jolly roger of the characters in the OP world...

    As we might all know that Whitebeards flag was inspired by the Nazi symbol with the circle being changed for a skull... and the the Swastik symbol being inverted.....

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