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  • 420pirate

    741 color spread

    March 26, 2014 by 420pirate

    Here's a quick blog to get some thoughts. So I was rereading chpt 741 before the new chpt comes out & noticed on the color spread that a couple of the SH have quotes on them. Like Brook's tank says "all's well that ends well", Chopper's says "it takes two to make a square", & Franky has "boys wil be boys". I find these are good quotes for the characters they are representing. So have you all seen any other quotes like this in the other colorspreads or was this a one time thing?

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  • 420pirate

    The Shadow Shichibukai

    March 20, 2012 by 420pirate

    Hey, this is a quick blog about what I think happened to Moria after war. If you remember Doflamingo was wondering how Moria vanished when he was about to execute him (Moria), the reason he disappeared was because Absalom came to save him. Also if you can remember back to the end of thillerbark hogback and Absalom were already planning another "sinister" plot. So I believe we may end up seeing not only crocodile in the NW but also Moria, they may even show up in the same arc. Well that's all for now, leave a comment if you agree or have any other ideas.

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  • 420pirate

    The Blackbeard Pirates

    March 10, 2012 by 420pirate

    So I'm really interested in the Blackbeard pirates. I mean they have done about as many outrageous things as the SHs and that is just the things that we havew heard about. Who knows what else they have been up to but the real reason that I made this blog is because I want to know about their backstory. Well we know what their captain has done but not what his full plan is and the only other member we have any hint about is Laffitte who used to be a police officer but then became a serial killer O_o? LIke what cause that drastic change in behavior. Other than those 2 we know nothing about the rest of the crew, well except Shiliew, but excluding him like what the background on these guys. How did Auger become such a beast with a sniper? Why …

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  • 420pirate

    new age name

    February 9, 2012 by 420pirate

    So basically when Whitebeard died the Great Age of Pirates was over so what do you all think will be the name of the New Age.

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  • 420pirate

    Newest Saga

    February 9, 2012 by 420pirate

    I have a couple of observations/remarks about the new saga. 1. I believe that this saga should be called the Big Mom Saga because it seems that she will be the major villian that the Strawhats will have to deal with. 2. If I remember correctly I believe the Fishman Island Arc is the 1st arc where Luffy beats his opponent before the rest of the crew defeats their opponents. 3. Also as a prediction I have a feeling that the strawhats will come across one of the supernovas again in this saga. Let me know what you all think about these remarks.

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