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Big Mam again

28Hermes78 January 15, 2012 User blog:28Hermes78

I saw that there are many blogs about this... I really read only two... :D

Anyway after I have read the Big Mam article on the wikia - thx for this - as it seems I can't figure what happens just by reading myself, I came with my own theory. I hope.


My opinion is that Big Mam must have a bugs related DF.


1. The name. Big Mam may refer as a queen of the bugs.

2. Acid flowing out of her mouth.

3. Her obsession with sweets.

4. (I had another one but I forgot it while I was writing these 3)

5. Her polka-dotted dress resembles some bugs' patterns.

Also I think this could be a first case of DF taking control over user. As in creating withdrawal symptoms.

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