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  • 28Hermes78

    Big Mam again

    January 15, 2012 by 28Hermes78

    I saw that there are many blogs about this... I really read only two... :D

    Anyway after I have read the Big Mam article on the wikia - thx for this - as it seems I can't figure what happens just by reading myself, I came with my own theory. I hope.


    My opinion is that Big Mam must have a bugs related DF.


    1. The name. Big Mam may refer as a queen of the bugs.

    2. Acid flowing out of her mouth.

    3. Her obsession with sweets.

    4. (I had another one but I forgot it while I was writing these 3)

    5. Her polka-dotted dress resembles some bugs' patterns.

    Also I think this could be a first case of DF taking control over user. As in creating withdrawal symptoms.

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  • 28Hermes78

    Simple question

    January 8, 2012 by 28Hermes78

    Did Madam Shirley's prediction came true? Is there a image that resembles the one at the begining, the one she saw?

    If not, I guess it must come true in the conflict with Big Mom. Who knows. Luffy destroying FM Island and forcing the population to get on surface via Noah.

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  • 28Hermes78

    There was a funny moment when Chopper caught Zorro in a wrestling grip. I think he couldn't move before and Zorro said something bad about a girl I think. And then Chopper can move and he grabs Zorro, while Sanji teases Zorro.

    And also a moment when Nami was scary and Choper jumped in water to escape and Zorro had to rescue him.

    Can't find them. I know I saw them on Youtube, but writing funny one piece moment or anything like that doesn't help.

    If you know the episodes please tell me.

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  • 28Hermes78

    Sorry for this off topic but please answer if you want!

    I saw that League of Nations blog and it made me curious.

    I am from Romania, and I saw that there is only another one from Romania.

    Could you please tell me what do you know about Romania, if you know something. It doesn't matter if it is right or wrong, or insulting, just say what do you know about Romania, without searching on WEB, because it would mean nothing. If you know nothing, it's no big deal.

    Anything will do. Where is placed, flag if you've seen it by any chance, a politician, actor or any other thing.

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  • 28Hermes78

    One Piece and Sports

    March 20, 2011 by 28Hermes78

    What sports would fit One Piece character and in what sport would they excel?

    Like we all saw in a short movie Sanji would be extremely good at soccer. But I think he'll look good while playing snooker.

    Franky will look good while playng American football and will probably play it well also.

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