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Ok, put briefly, here's what happened; I've started writing a piece of fanfiction, and Hawkins plays a considerably more significant roll in it than in the manga so far.


this meant I needed to know about his DF, so I spent ages carefully thinking it through, trying to work out what it did.

And about a week ago, I worked out exactly what his power was, and how it works, which I was kinda proud of, since his was the only one I didn't find obvious...

And then I come home and find that the Blasted Tarot cards Float now?!

which has the unfortunate consequence of completely and utterly ruining my theory of what he was doing...

My story kinda stalls without knowing his power. I could just ignore the fact and change stuff if I have to, but I live up to my name, and just making things up without thinking it through is kinda shoddy by my standard of writing.

and unfortunately I kinda painted myself into a corner when I made my own guess, since now I'm left realing from how it nearly works rather than trying to come up with something that does.

so I resort to plan A, on the grounds that B and C are out of the question.

What do YOU think? Any ideas at all?

in short, I need to hear just about any speculation or theories about the walking scarecrow you have, or don't. got anything?