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So it turns out that nobody manged to solve the "fifteen stage super megasecret code" within the week. I am now opening that offer indefinitely: you solve the secret that will be hidden in EVERY blog (it may be obvious at times), I will perform a forfeit of your devising. I'm not a man who goes back on his word here, but there will be not any clues given for this.

On to other news. people have made serious attempts on my main blog code, but thus far there is no clear winner. With that in mind, I plan a second set of test blogs to be forthcoming. I need a topic to talk about, ideally one that will last 4 or 5 parts. Suggestions are welcome as long as they are sensible. Once I've completed three sets of tests I'll produce a blog detailing the step by step process and listing the main solvers (assuming there are any). This may be used for university work, but I'll seek individual permission from anyone involved beforehand.

Does this qualify as a rant? I hope not. It's intended to be purely informative. I even waited until I was sober to make sure I didn't make any typos.