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Well, what a chapter. There's two aspects I'm intrigued by: what the game is going to be like, and what the Marines are going to do in response to it.

The game is basically pitting the escaped toys and the Doflamingo crew against the Straw Hats and the Revolutionaries (and Bartyboy). The toys - well, some of them might still follow the almight Usopp-sama, but I'm guessing that there's only going to be a few. Chinjao, Hajrudin, maybe Cavendish.... you get the idea. People like Dagama are just going to seize the opportunity to escape the easiest way possible. So we're looking at that lot getting smacked down even before they go up against Trébol and Diamante. As for the rest of the Doflamingo pirates,  there's three definitely in the palace and three not entirely sure where they are, but they are going to show up to fight. Maybe Zoro can run into them while he's busy being lost.

The Marines, on the other hand, are much more interesting to me right now. They'll do their best to protect the citizens, of course, that's Fujitora's priority - but how far can they go to protect them? Doflamingo may be an evil guy, but he is still the king of Dressrosa. Are the Marines allowed to directly oppose the orders of a king in his own country? Maybe if they wait and get through to the Gorousei, they might be able to depose him - oh wait, all communications are down. It's almost like Doflamingo thought of that. They'll be ok if they just help calm the situation, but if they try to stop Doflamingo and fail and then it turns out they couldn't do it, those Marines are going to be out of a job sharpish. The other prospect is them going after the Straw Hats and the Revolutionaries, since y'know - they're direct enemies of the World Government, and not a World Noble Shichibukai. However, since Fujitora is going to just ignore that and do what he thinks is right, the best way for Doflamingo to keep him away is to just keep throwing chaos and needy citizens around, and he'll be stuck helping them. 

Also, Doflamingo totally has life fibers if he can control people like that. XD

So, yeah. Thoughts and comments and varying levels of abuse below.