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Not a bad chapter to end the year on.

So, we've got Pudding showing more of her real nature. Some Usopp level impersonations there. She's just generally quite nasty, but I suppose if she weren't it'd be unusual. She is the daughter of a Yonko after all. And she has a cool gun that makes no sense but hey it's sweet themed so that means something.

Sanji... oh boy. I felt bad for him. That was the best depiction of heartbreak I've seen in years. Well done, Oda.

Brook seems to be faring astonishingly well against Big Mom. He's taken a hit or two and he's still standing, and he seems to have a proper plan as well. Kind of disappointed that there was no joke about him being already dead, mind.

Luffy still can't rip his arms off. I mean that's good but if he'd tried harder then Jinbe would have shown up too late. And Jinbe! Talk about an entrance. Talk about blown away, come to that. I am really looking forward to him joining.

And that's the year over. It's been a good year for the series.

But what did you think?

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