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Infodump ahoy! Anyone receiving?

Weekly expectations here, infodump, what are you carrying?

Not much this time, expectations, just some stuff about Pudding liking Sanji and Big Mom having a really big family.

Well, it'll have to do, let's start unloading.

Ok, so Pudding has met Sanji, thinks he's hot shit, wants to bang him. but he said no.

Wait, wait, Sanji said no to a woman? And a fairly hot one? And one who cooks?



Oh and one of Big Mom's daughters went wandering about to find true love or something, we're all 99% sure it's Lola.

But haven't people been predicting that literally since the end of Thriller Bark?

Yup, they have, but once again the fan theories are probably going to be right.

What about Pekoms? Is he still there?

No, he's gone missing for some reason, I'm sure it won't matter in the long run.

How about the end of the chapter? Anything remotely interesting to cliffhang on?

Well, we saw two more of Sanji's brothers. It's going to get difficult to tell them apart at this rate, they all have goggles and weird hair and the eyebrow thing. One of the brothers can apparently control people sort of like Doflamingo did.

But we know that they're technologically advanced, so it's probably not a DF, right?

Well, we don't know that yet, but yeah.

Do we know which numbers these brothers are?


Well, that sounds like all the chapter has to offer then. Thanks for the-



Big Mom has 43 husband slaves.


Cover the children's eyes.

The horror.

Oh and 80 something children so either a LOT of them were twins or those men had sex with her more than once.

By all that's holy...

Yeah. Oh, and I'm not going to be here next week, so that mental image has time to fade.

Wow. Thanks for the hard work, yeah?

Do you want to work on the shipping industry?

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