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So, another informative chapter. Seems odd to get the big party before the Straw Hats actually do anything, but I suppose the country did just suffer a massive attack and lived through it.

We got the actual name of Law's crew, if that's important, otherwise just ignore them like everyone else does.

It's good that Big Mom isn't trying to recruit the Straw Hats, because that was making no sense to me. Luffy declared war on her after all. But stealing talent from people you're about to attack makes sense.

Pekoms is a pretty fun character, actually. He's not just fodder, and he's certainly going to be playing an important role coming up.

Franky, Robin and Brook. The "adults" of the crew. Stayed up a bit past their bedtime, evidently. And oh look, samurais in Zo. This can only end poorly.

So, what did you think?

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