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So this is a quickie, just a few thoughts and expectations.

If Caesar only matters to Big Mom because of the money, it's either a LOT of money or he did something else. So I expect that's going to be mentioned.

Is Pekoms alive? Do you care?

Luffy is clearly going to be cool with Sanji taking a leave of absence. Zoro will insult him to high hell, though, that's their thing. The rest of the crew will probably be upset but get over it. Hey, Jinbe might join before Sanji gets back, especially if they go to the tea party or whatever it is and he's picking up the Sun Pirates at the time.

And Vinsmoke... ok, we know they're an important family. The question is Gorosei or Celestial Dragons.

Actually, no. There are five Gorosei. If we assume five families, that means there's four more family names out there. How many people have we met with more than just a one word name who could potentially be involved in something big? I'm talking the Monkey family here, folks. We could be looking at a key to the big mysteries.

So, throw thoughts and insults and vulgar suggestions of what you do with your mother in the comment sections.